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Complete Systems and Engineering Services


Electrical and pneumatic control enclosures built to your prints, or completely designed and fabricated from the ground up by ITP Inc.
Relay logic to PLC and host computer interface systems
Calibration services
Repair services
Technical manuals
Calibration procedures
On-site industrial training for all shifts
Just let us know what you need

ITP Inc. is proud to represent NuWave Technologies. NuWave Technologies Provides creative Hardware and Software solutions to manufacturers, end-users, representatives and distributors of industrial equipment. NuWave's expertise lies in their exceptional ability to take product design from concept to completion. Visit the NuWave website for more information.

NuWave Technologies areas of expertise are:

Process and Temperature Control

Thermocouple & RTD Thermometry

Precision Instrumentation

Analog to Digital Converters

Data Acquisition Systems

Switchmode Power Supplies

Microprocessor Hardware

LED & LCD Displays

Phase Angle & Pulse Power Control

PLCs & Ladder Logic

NuWave Technologies Provides:

Casual Technical Consultation

Feasibility & Cost Analysis

Requirements Definition

Circuit Design & Analysis

Schematic Drawings

Thru-hole & SMT PCB Design

Rapid Product Prototyping

System Integration