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Model 2020 Bench Top Laboratory Controller




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Safety temperature limit controller plus an auto-tuning process controller with adjustable process alarms.
Linear ramp to hold or shut off with adjustable hold timer.
1200 Watt solid state SCR output; zero voltage switching.
Display FLASHES "Inpt Fail" for sensor failure or "-Al-" for overtemp setpoint conditions.
Power output relay latches off on either high limit or line voltage loss (push button for manual restart).
Communications wiring: RS-232C or RS-485 wiring is standard for optional low-cost plug-in comms. card.
Works with CAL monitoring software for remote adjustment, logging, and charting in real time
Custom configurations and controller programming available at little or no extra cost.
Accepts standard 4 to 20 mAdc input from pressure, flow, pH and RH transducers


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Custom configurations available
Operating Controller Cal 3200, Process Controller Cal 3300, or others as requested
Case: Steel, polyester powder coated
Size: 5" H X 8" W X 8" deep
Weight: 7 pounds
Line Supply: 120Vac, 50-60hz
Line Cord: 7.5 feet grounded three wire heavy duty
Fused: Type AGC 10 amp
Load Rated: 1200 Watts resistive
Power Switch: Rocker
Start/Reset Switch: Momentary Push
Sensor Input: Specify
Communications: optional plug-in card for 3300, specify RS-232C or RS-485

Price and Availability

Price: $845.00. Contact ITP, Inc. for quantity prices.
Delivery: Stock to 1 week.

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