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Heater Product Lines

Wattco Inc.

Industrial and commercial electric heaters in configurations including screw plug, over-the-side-immersion, circulation air duct finned tubular formed, and straight tubular. Many accessories available as well.

Amptek Company

Flexible electric heating elements for temperatures up to 1400 degrees F. Insulated heating tapes and resistance wire heating elements.

Akinsun Heat Company Inc.

Quartz tube heaters in various sizes. MI cable heaters, REDROD Cartridge heaters.


BUCAN Electric Heating Devices, Inc.

MI Band heaters and Cartridge heaters.


Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.

Watt-Flex cartridge heaters in cool-tip or hot-tip styles in various sizes.


Wattco Inc.

Fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber heaters in standard and custom configurations.


Omega Heater Co., Inc.

Ceramic, micaband, and strip heaters. Cartridge heaters in standard and high watt-density designs.